Living Pure "Lighten & Tighen Face Serum"

2 oz       $25

This serum is for those looking to decrease dark spots, scars, age spots on the skin and firm up the skin.  It is also very affective for acne and acne scarring.  Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.  Use all over the face both day and night. Can cause the skin to be more sun sensitive, therefore, when using, always wear sunscreen.  

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Living Pure - "Purely Perfection Powder"
​2.5oz          $25

This powder can be used alone for light coverage or on top of foundation to help absorb moisture, give a smooth appearance to the skin as well as offers benefical anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits.  So it is GOOD for the skin.  Comes in three colors,  Light/Fair, Medium and Dark/Tan.

Living Pure "It's a Miracle Facial Serum"

2 oz       $25

An anti-aging serum to help decrease fine lines and wrinkles on the face and around the eyes, reduce inflammation and reddness of the skin,  increase cell renewal and assist in hydration.  Truly a miracle!

**All products are made with 100% Organic Ingredients.  Best if used between

6-12 months depending upon the product. Keep and store all products at room tempature and out of the sun.  Can be refrigerated to give additional shelf life. 

Living Pure "Heavenly Healing Salve" 
3.5 oz       $10.00

This salve is a blend of powerful  ingredients in which aide and accelerate the healing of cuts, scrapes, rashes, skin irritations, bruises and is naturally anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal.  Also very effective against Eczema.   Made with only 100% Organic ingredients. Use daily 2-3 times a day on infected or injured area.  

Living Pure "Butter-Up"  Whipped Body Butter 

6 oz       $18

This whipped body butter is packed full of hydrating, moisturzing ingredients that will leave you skin feeling "buttery" soft.  It will soften dry patches, elbows, knees, rough areas without feeling greasy or oily. Does not "sit" on the outside of the skin. Actually is absorbed and "feeds" the skin.   A favorite among clients!

Living Pure "Baby's Booty Balm" 
2 oz       $15

This balm is safe and gentle enough for any part of your babies body, however, perfect for healing and protecting their little bottoms from rashes and irritation without any chemicals or harmful ingredients. Made with only 100% Organic ingredients. 

Living Pure "Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer / Foundation"        ​2.5oz          $25

When using this product, you no longer have to use a facial cream or lotion,  as this is an all-in-one light coverage foundation, moisturizer & SPF with anti-aging benefits.  In addition, it is the perfect base for your favorite powder and does not settle into the lines.  Just apply with a sponge, let soak into the skin, then you are done, or apply your favorite powder on top.  Whola!! Your skin is moisturized, using "healthy" makeup.    SPF 20

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Living Pure - "Purely Perfection Blush/Bronzer"
​2.5oz          $20

A beautiful Blush/Bronzer that gives you a natural glow  as well as offers benefical anti-inflammatory,  anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant benefits to the skin.  So it is GOOD for the skin and LOOKS good.  Comes in two colors,  "Wine Not" and "Beet's Me".   No dyes, perfumes or harmful preservatives. 


Living Pure Gentle Face Wash

4oz          $18 

This face wash is gentle enough for any skin type.  Perfect for those that still enjoy a "suds" while cleansing, but will not leave your skin tight or dry.  Will remove makeup but also beneficial for those with  acne,  eczema and rosacea.

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